Coming to a sexual health clinic for the first or even second or third time can be a nerve wracking experience for many reasons. At Steve Retson Project we want to make sure that coming to one of our clinics is as stress free and easy as possible for all the men who attend. 

The Steve Retson Project clinical staff are experienced, approachable and supportive. Our clinical staff will ask questions about your sexual activity, which some people may find uncomfortable. Staff are supportive and recognise people may find this difficult. It is important that you feel comfortable to share as much information as possible so we can ensure you get the most appropriate treatment, care and support.

You can of course choose to attend any Sandyford venue but we are here for those men that prefer to use a specialist service for men who have sex with men.

Many men that come to Steve Retson Project clinics choose to have a routine sexual health check up. This consists of tests for Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, HIV, Syphilis and possibly Hepatitis B. You can sometimes be offered additional tests if the health professional you are seeing thinks they are necessary.  It is important to understand that sexual health tests might need to be repeated if it is less than two weeks since the sexual risk you are concerned about and you have no symptoms.