SRP Choices is a service for men who may not be happy with some aspects of their lifestyle in relation to their sexual health. SRP Choices is here to help men address these aspects of their lifestyle in a safe, confidential and judgement free environment.

SRP Choices has been designed to compliment the other services Steve Retson Project offers in a fully integrated way. You can self refer or discuss referral while getting tested at an SRP clinic.

How might I be supported?

For times when you need to talk through an issue or need more intensive support, we can provide one-off `listening ear’ sessions to prevent issues escalating, emotional support and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) counselling sessions for more difficult issues. You can also be referred to more intensive support services if your needs are more complex. SRP choices provide a free and confidential service for:

  •  Men experiencing one off life events that need some temporary support.
  •  Men experiencing the effects of a recent trauma, domestic/family violence or  homophobic/transphobic violence.
  •  Men with vulnerabilities.
  •  Men repeatedly at risk of HIV.
  •  Men repeatedly accessing PEP. 
  •  Men affected by HIV.

Our team of practitioners draws on a range of approaches to best meet the needs of individuals. These include “Solution Focussed”, “Asset Based Approaches”, and “Guided Self-Help” as well as “Cognitive Behavioural Therapy” (CBT).

You can contact SRP Choices by calling 0141 211 6700 or discuss a referral while at one of our SRP Clinics.