PrEP, the medicine taken by someone who is HIV negative to reduce their risk of becoming infected with HIV is available to access at Steve Retson Project.

People that live in the NHS GGC area can only access PrEP at SRP or Sandyford. If you live in another part of Scotland please check with your local NHS service.

Julian Heng of SRP told the Sandyford Express “You can find out if PrEP is right for you by making an appointment with us. We believe most people will be prescribed PrEP to cover the time they are at greatest risk of HIV infection. This means people can discuss stopping PrEP when they are no longer at increased risk of HIV infection.” Julian went on to say “PrEP combined with condom use is the most effective strategy to prevent both HIV and STIs. At SRP we provide both access to PrEP and free condoms.” More information about PrEP & Free Condoms can be found in the Safer Sex section of the SRP website.


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