(*Figures for rectal gonorrhoea and infectious syphilis amongst men who have sex with men, within NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde. Most recent data provided by Health Protection Scotland, to the end of 2015)

If you’re a gay or bisexual man in Glasgow, you’ve never been more likely to pick up syphilis and gonorrhoea if you’re having sex without a condom. Why bother about STIs? Well, if you have an STI it can help to pass on HIV. Syphilis and gonorrhoea don’t always have obvious symptoms but can be treated really easily – but only if you know you’ve got them.

If you’re having sex with a new partner, and you’re having anal sex without a condom, it’s a good idea to have regular check ups for HIV & STIs at least every 3–6 months. It’s also a good idea if you’re in a new relationship – it’s the ideal time for you and your partner to get a check-up, as either of you could have an STI without knowing. If you haven’t tested in over a year, now is as good a time as any. You can get tested at Steve Retson Project or any Sandyford clinic. Just give us a call on 0141 211 8130. To make regular testing easier, we can even send you a text reminder.

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