What does BAME stand for?

BAME stands for Black, Asian or from another Minority Ethnic community. At the Steve Retson Project we offer services to gay and bisexual men or men who are questioning their sexuality, inclusive of all ethnicities.

What issues might you face?

Men from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities can often face an additional range of issues including; isolation, stigma, and cultural homophobia within their community. This can have a big impact on your sexual health and mental well-being. 

How can the Steve Retson Project help?

You don’t have to reach crisis point with your sexual health or mental well-being before getting the support you need.

We know that finding out what you need to know isn't always easy. Accessing help and support from a service that understands what it’s really like from a minority community perspective can be even more of a challenge.

However, if you want to know more about; relationships, safer sex, the signs and symptoms of STIs and HIV, as well as common mental well-being issues that can affect your sexual health, the information for men section covers the basics to enjoy a pleasurable and healthy sex life.

Got a specific question that you would like an answer to? Contact the SRP team and we’ll do our best to answer it, or help you find out.

How do I get a check-up?

Naturally, your continuing sexual health is important to us. So, if you think you might have been at risk, or are showing signs of a possible infection, call us for an appointment as soon as possible.

Our team at Sandyford Central offer a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where we aim to deliver a confidential, anonymous and discreet sexual health service. We are also aware that you may have cultural sensitivities that need to be acknowledged and respected. For more information have a look at our clinic times and venues pages.

Where can I get further information?

Please click here to read our guide to accessing interpreting services within Sandyford.

Here are a range of services provided by the charity Waverley Care for Black African communities in Scotland who are affected by HIV or interested in addressing HIV prevention:

African Health Project- Children & Families.

African Health Project- Community Awareness & Prevention

African Health Project- Employment & Skills

African Health Project- One to One & Group Support


NAZ are a sexual health charity based in London who provide services to BAME communities.

Imaan are a charity based in London who support LGBT Muslim people, their families and friends.

Prostate Cancer UK are a national charity and have dedicated information to support Black communities.



Please note: the information below comes from outside the UK and a non-NHS site. The information is provided here for general information purposes only; contact details may not be relevant and information on prescribing, medical procedures, legal information etc., may not be relevant to the UK.

Sexual Health Information Networking and Education - SHINE are a sexual health charity in South Australia.

Translations are available in Arabic, Chinese, Dari, French, Hindi, Persian, Swahili and Vietnamese here:

SHINE & Sexually Transmitted Infections