Anal Sex, let’s get to the bottom of it…

Everyone has their own experiences of sex and relationships, but it’s also likely that men have lots of shared experiences and that we can feel differently about the same things.

In Let’s get to the bottom of it four Glasgow men share their inner thoughts and feelings about sex and relationships. They tackle subjects head on ranging from the stereotypes they feel are associated with anal sex, to their own understanding of having safer sex. They discuss the social pressures men can experience to behave in a particular way and talk about the importance of good communication to having pleasurable sex.

Are you able to discuss what kind of sex you enjoy?

There’s no right way to be gay or bisexual. Whatever role you enjoy and perform it has to feel right for you. Sex should always be pleasurable and mutually consensual. Communicating with your partner about what you like and don’t like is a great way to make sure you’re both happy and satisfied with the sex you’re having.

Wondering if the sex you're having could be safer?

You can come to Sandyford.Scot or Steve Retson Project every 3-6 months for a sexual health check-up. Talk to us about PrEP and discuss which options would work best for you. Use condoms and plenty of water based lube, particularly with new partners or casual hook-ups. If you’re living with HIV we recommend having a sexual health check-up and testing for STIs if you’ve had sex with a new partner.