As we look forward to Scotland's largest celebration of LGBTI equality at Pride Glasgow 2016, it seems a good time to ask what it means to you? Are you proud of your identity and do you feel able to express your sexual identity in public without fear? Are you able to express your sexuality and discuss your sexual wants and don’t wants with your partner or partners? Is sex something that adds to the quality of your life, or a source of dissatisfaction? Is there someone you can you have a frank chat with about the pleasure it brings you, or problems that need resolving? 

Pleasure, fun, intimacy and sharing trust are just a few among many possible meanings we can give to sex that positively impact on our overall health and well-being.

However, we know that maintaining a healthy sex life is not just the absence of physical disease.  Adopting healthy attitudes about sex and how we express ourselves in a safe, healthy and consensual way may need just as much attention and support.

At the Steve Retson Project, our team are non-judgemental, knowledgeable and skilled in delivering high quality clinical and counselling services. We also make a bold promise …

“We understand that sex is about pleasure, fun, intimacy and trust. We will make the clinic consultation a space where men and staff can talk openly, honestly and respectfully about sex and sexual health.”

As healthcare professionals, we are committed to helping you maintain good sexual health and emotional well-being at whatever stage you are in you’re at. Our services are here for you whether it’s for a regular check-up, to get help after you’ve had an unplanned experience, or because you want to talk something through.

If you are planning to celebrate Pride at Glasgow Green this year, be sure to drop by and see us within the Community Expo area. As well as an opportunity to meet the team, find out more about SRP services and grab yourself some freebies, we will also be offering free, confidential HIV testing at our Testing Cabin.