As we say goodbye to 2016 and welcome in 2017, uncertainties about the future can affect us at all levels; mentally, emotionally and physically. We might not always be able to control the uncertainties happening in the outside world, but we do have some control of how we manage our own personal health.

Our sexual health is a central part of our overall health and wellbeing and having satisfying sex, relationships that make us happy, or making a positive choice to just take time for ourselves, helps free up the time and energy to focus on other equally important things in life that we want to achieve.

Yet despite our best efforts to stay healthy, if we’re sexually active there’s always the possibility of picking up an infection. Knowing what to do if and when it happens is part of being responsible for our own health, taking care of ourselves and the impact it might have on others.

Making and scheduling regular sexual health check-ups in your new diary or planner can be one of the first steps towards achieving you health goals for 2017. With the digital planner on your phone, you can even set a private personal reminder to alert you for your next sexual health appointment.

Take time now to schedule appointments for 2017; at least one every six months, or more often if you expect to have a few sexual partners. Make an appointment for the Steve Retson Project by calling 0141 211 8130. For more information about the different services available have look at our SRP Services section.

Planning ahead and taking control will give you the benefit of knowing that whatever else is going on in 2017, you’ll be taking care of your sexual health.