Putting the cart before the horse is never the best strategy when it comes to cart mobility. But often this is exactly what we are guilty of when we’re really excited about what’s in the cart. 

Sometimes it’s not until you really start to think about something that you realise how little time you’ve given it before. Thoughts like “just how did Ant and Dec become so ridiculously popular”, and, “where exactly did Cat Deeley go”?

It’s easy to get mentally waylaid when you’re concentrating on getting something finished and ready for use. It’s easy to worry more about why you are doing what you are doing, and less about who you are doing it for. Big mistake!

I’ve been guilty of getting waylaid myself just lately. I’ve been getting caught up with delivering our message to as many people as possible instead of making sure as many people as possible understand our message.  So I’m hoping with the shiny new Steve Retson Project website you’ll help me get the cart back behind the horse where it belongs.

The whole point of the website is that we talk to you in a way you understand. It’s really important the whole array of men out there who use, or might use our services, feel this website speaks to them in their own language. We need to get the balance right too. We want a website that recognises you as equals, one that explains that while we may be the experts in sexual health, you are the experts in your own needs.

We know from experience that by including all of you in this process, we will make our service more connected to you, more approachable and more trustworthy. In short, you can really help us make this site the best possible site.

So if this blog has made you wonder, raised a few questions, or made you think about how to communicate in a more open and effective way, please let us know. Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the contact us section. Anything goes, even if it’s only to clear up the whereabouts of Cat Deeley.

Anyway, before I forget I’m off to fetch that horse before hitching her up to the cart, the right way around…