Skilled at relating?

As Valentines Day descends upon us once again, mainstream media, social media, retailers and restaurateurs will be vying for our attention (and cash!), hoping those of us in relationships will celebrate by booking restaurant tables, buying expensive flowers, cards & chocolates, thus "proving" how much we value and cherish our loved one. Yet, how often do we focus on how skilled we are at relating, bonding and enhancing our relationship with a significant other?

Creating a satisfying partnership

Men’s relationships are in many ways no different from any other relationship between two individuals who share a mutual emotional, romantic and sexual attraction to one another. Relationships can be built upon a variety of wants and needs, including companionship, affection, a mutually satisfying and healthy sex life, or even the pooling of resources - including financial! Often at the root of this is the recognition and communication of a shared life together, with common hopes and goals for the future.

However, the challenge is how to satisfy these common hopes and goals to a reasonable degree, while dealing with the inevitable differences that arise between two individuals. It’s easy when we share things in common, but a poor attitude towards "differences" can sow seeds of doubt between you and your man that can undermine an otherwise loving, healthy relationship.

Perhaps having an "attitude of gratitude" for the things you share in common could be one of the pillars of your relationship, while at the same time appreciating those differences that keeps things fresh, interesting and vibrant.

Appreciation is key!

"Appreciation" is easy with people, places and things we love, trust and respect. It can challenge us and our relationships when we're faced with behaviours and responses we don't like. Yet appreciation for yourself and your needs, for your partner and their needs, and for the process involved in relating to one another can turn things around so that we can move through the challenges and find better ways to relate.

So, as we consider the differences that naturally occur in our relationships, the question arises: how good are you at moving through these challenges and finding better ways to relate to you partner?