Steve Retson Project @ Pride Glasgow 2018

Jul 04 2018 Steve Retson Project are back at Pride Glasgow offering men free, fast and confidential sexual health check ups at our dedicated testing cabin. Also come see us at our stall and watch out new film Anal Sex: Let's get to the bottom of it! Read More

Happily Ready & Prepared

Jun 28 2018 Consent, readiness and preparedness. The three things you should really know about if you're thinking about having sex for the first time. Read More

Plan ahead & take control in 2017

Feb 01 2017 Planning ahead and taking control will give you the benefit of knowing that whatever else is going on in 2017, you’ll be taking care of your sexual health. Read More

How often is right for me?

Dec 22 2016 Having a plan takes the hassle out of sexual health testing. Read More

HIV Testing- The Pros & Cons

Nov 17 2016 As you know, making a decision about anything involves considering a number of factors. How do you weigh the pros and cons of the advantages and disadvantages of a decision? Read More

Proudly celebrating LGBTI equality!

Aug 02 2016 Pleasure, fun, intimacy and sharing trust are just a few among many possible meanings we can give to sex that positively impact on our overall health and well-being. Read More

Why our social networks matter

May 04 2016 With this years Mental Health Awareness Week (16th -22nd May) theme on `relationships', we look at why our `social networks’ matter! Read More

New Psychoactive Substances & Legal Highs Survey

May 04 2016 A new online survey is keen to get men's view on Novel Psychoactive Substances. Read More

Appreciating our differences

Feb 10 2016 As Valentine's Day approaches, we focus on relationships and ask ourselves how we communicate with one another? Read More